Wednesday, 17 August 2011

10 problems with skeptics

  1. They're all men.
  2. They can't spell.
  3. They're obsessed with homeopathy.
  4. They're predictable.
  5. They're confusing. Some skeptics are good guys. Some skeptics are bad guys. I can never remember who is which, and have to read another rant about homeopathy or climate change to remind me.
  6. They've upset the nice people at Glasgow Science Festival. Well that was me actually. But it was their fault. I let slip in a moment of weakness that I don't give a toss about homeopathy.
  7. They convey none of the wonder of science.
  8. They repel the scientifically uninformed but keen to learn.
  9. They've grasped one half of science - that it's analytic and critical - but not the other - that it's creative and constantly surprising.
  10. They point out stupidity wherever they find it. But no one in the history of the world - not since the first great ape stood tall on the savannah and scanned the horizon for food and women - has ever got suddenly smarter by being told how naive, gullible and brainless they really are.

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